Why blame Technology It’s us who’s mindless

What better way to see a friend off than to sit down and chat with each other face to face over a cup of steaming hot coffee, watermelon juice, club sandwich and fries. No selfies, no taking food photos just talking of anything and everything. It was in that moment I realised that this truly was life it was enjoying the moment. Our phones lay on the table but neither of us were interested in it we just enjoyed that moment of peace and tranquility. We were being mindful of the moments and technology was ever present but we chose to be different we chose to be mindful and be present for each other.

And upon reflection I realised while the world blames technology not taking into account that it is man who invented technology and technology does not control us instead we use technology mindlessly and thus seem to be controlled by it. I am a great fan of technology so don’t get me wrong it isn’t technology it is the user.

On a recent cab ride the driver kept getting text messages and on the sly he would keep looking at them while driving. He must have assumed that I could not see. But how mistaken he was cause I could see what he was doing. It was easy I was present and thus I was able to tell him that as I was paying for the trip I expect him to be focused on driving not texting. I don’t think he felt that great about my request but that wasn’t my problem I wanted him to be mindful of his driving. Many are the times that we hear of people meeting with accidents and even losing their lives because they are so pre – occupied with their communication devices while walking. When such things happen there is such a hew and cry about it but after the event but once the initial shock is over people and policy makers go back to the same mindless life styles until it happens again. This cycle continues and we blame it on technology, not the fact that we are on auto pilot and fear that if we are not connected all of the time a world changing event would happen and we would miss out on it. The fear that our posts and comments might be already too old.

I was asked why my notifications were turned off on most of social media and why I don’t have Facebook on my phone I could miss out on so much by doing that? My response to that is simple I like focus and dislike it broken every few minutes because I just had a notification on one of the many communication apps we sport on our communication device. And anyway I am not the center of the universe and whether I comment or not the world will go on world change will happen so why is there a need to forego my focus and results just to be seen and heard. And the most thing I have come to realise is that one day I won’t be on social media anymore and yet the world will go on. The simple truth is if it so wildly important and urgent call me and if you are sitting in the same office or home walk over and talk to each other. How hard is that and it is less time consuming and more real.

Living life requires living every single moment and what better way to do that than being present in the moment you have got and make the best of it. In order to get the best out of this moment and focusing on one task at a time and avoiding cognitive bottlenecks of multi – tasking. One moment at a time one task at a time will make a meaningful life. Technology is a great ally as long as we are in command of it and that can only happen when we are mindful.

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