Mindful and Released

From misery, sickness, depression and deathbed to complete health, happiness and prosperity was what Lester Levenson spoke about when he introduced the Sedona method to the world it wasn’t some alien theory or ideology but it was what he had practiced and mastered. Since then Masters and teachers have been many but to me it was a practice of age old wisdom a fundamental fact of life. A simple truth when we hang on to the past and never let go of those emotions, when we worry about the future and try to control everything around us in order to achieve our goals much of our energy is lost. The Sedona method is all about releasing these stored emotions so we can fill our lives with vitality, joy and abundance.

To me this all came together in a single zen story where a Buddhist monk and his student was walking along the road when came upon a young and beautiful woman trying to cross the river unable to do it by herself she asked the monks if they could help. Having taken vows never to touch a woman the monks looked at each other without a word.

At this point the senior monk carried the beautiful young woman on his back walked to the other side of the river and placed her gently on the bank returned and carried on with their journey. a few hours passed in silence and the student asked his teacher with great concern ‘we have taken vows not to touch a woman but you carried the woman across the river aren’t you going against your vows.’ To which the monk replied ‘I left the young woman on the bank of the river and walked away, but it seems like you are still carrying the woman on your shoulders.’ The lesson is profound when we carry our emotions from past incidents around with us we lose the opportunity to be the best of us in the present moment. When we let go release and surrender to loving wholeness we learn to live in the present and enjoy the abundance of that moment.

And in our goal oriented lives where success is measured by our achieving goals by material success. We are constantly trying to control the future, ensure safety and lose the current moment to worrying about the future or day dreaming. There is great wisdom in the simple words of a song we learn as kids and has remained so through the ages and it goes like this;

“Que Sera Sera what ever will be, will be. The future’s not asked to see Ques Sera Sera what will be will.”

When we release our want of control, approval and safety we begin to live in the moment enjoying our wholeness. We do what ever we can in the present moment to achieve meaning and purpose. We become fluid and flexible like liquid to be able to take the shape of the utensil that the universe wants us to fit in to at this very moment. Not grudgingly but with loving kindness so that we become a source of light and not darkness. It’s being mindful of the moment and it’s needs but not it’s wants.

Releasing all those pent up emotions and living in this present moment is the only path to success. There is never a lack what I need right now I have, what I need tomorrow I don’t know but my guess is when tomorrow comes I will have what I need. So practice mindfulness and release those emotions and that will make life best for me.

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